ICANN reveals names, Amazon, Google go in big

Nearly 2,000 new address names were submitted to the program.

Within a few months, those searching for a car or having a baby or looking for a book could find themselves on a website ending with .auto, .car .baby, .book or .read.
Those are just some of the 1,930 names submitted as part of an experimental program allowing for the introduction of an unlimited number of new Internet addresses launched by the group that runs the Internet’s domain name system.
After years of anticipation and negotiation, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers on Wednesday revealed the list of possible new generic top-level domain names that could be added to the Internet's domain name system to compete with 22 existing addresses, which include as .com and .net.
It will likely take several months before any of these new names are introduced into the domain name system and not all will make the cut after ICANN conducts a lengthy review of each applicant's financial, organizational and technical ability to run an Internet address.
Major players in the Internet space have invested big in the process including Amazon and Google. Amazon applied for more than 70 names, while Google is seeking more than 100.