Quick Hits

*** The U.S. Senate voted 69-30 to pass a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill on Tuesday. The bill includes more than $1 billion in cybersecurity measures, including funding to jumpstart the National Cyber Director's office and money for state and local cybersecurity grants to be administered by the Cybersecurity and Information Security Agency.

*** President Joe Biden nominated Sasha Baker, a special assistant to the president and senior director for strategic planning at the National Security Council, to serve as a deputy undersecretary of defense for policy. Baker was previously deputy chief of staff to Ash Carter when he served as secretary of defense and was national security advisor to Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.)

*** Peter Gallagher, a retired major general who held a senior post at Army Futures Command is joining contractor CACI as a senior vice president. Washington Technology has more on this story.