Quick Hits

*** Feds are set to be able to carry over more vacation time than usual into this new year, per changes made by the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act. On Tuesday, Michael Rigas, the acting director of the Office of Personnel Management, released a memo on the execution of the policy, which allows Title 5 employees to accumulate 25% more than the maximum annual leave, which amounts to 300 hours instead of the usual 240 hours granted to most feds. The additional leave won't be included in the calculation of lump-sum annual leave payment given upon separation.

*** The White House published a National Maritime Cybersecurity Plan. The plan, which is framed as an addition to the National Strategy for Maritime Security, lays out several broad goals for federal agencies regarding risks and standards, information and intelligence sharing and maritime workforce development. The 40-page document lands as the government continues to cope with fallout from the SolarWinds Orion hack, a breach being characterized as one of the worst intrusion in the country’s history.