Quick Hits

*** The Defense Innovation Unit is seeking vendors for a data analytics program that involves ingesting data and developing insights about "strategic activity abroad" from open source web content. The AI Based Knowledge Graphing program is looking for the ability to work with and translate non-English sources, link insights to raw data and where necessary conceal personally identifiable information found in news reports, blogs, academic papers and other open source content.

*** A supply chain task force convened by the Department of Homeland Security released an interim report last week including a recommendation that would push civilian procurement in the direction of Defense Department practices when it comes to buying tech gear from potentially dicey resellers.

*** Mid-sized businesses are getting squeezed by size-standard rules in federal contracting, according to a Government Accountability Office report. The problem is concentrated around companies that received contracts as set asides for small businesses and then experienced growth.

*** So far, all is quiet on Oracle's JEDI appeal, notes Nick Wakeman in Washington Technology.

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