Quick Hits

*** Juliane Gallina, a former CIA officer currently leading key accounts at IBM US Federal, is rejoining her old agency as CIO. She starts April 1. At IBM Gallina specialized in cloud computing, artificial intelligence and analytics, according to a company bio. Gallina replaces John G. Edwards, who has been promoted to deputy chief operating officer.

"Welcoming Juliane back to the Agency to lead our global IT efforts will ensure CIA continues to outpace our adversaries in IT innovation," said CIA chief operating officer Andy Makridis in a statement shared with FCW.

*** Technology Business Management is getting the playbook treatment from the General Services Administration’s Technology Transformation Services. The new playbook offers a seven-step guide to TBM implementation to help federal agencies get a better handle on costs and communicate the value of their technology investments to stakeholders.

*** The National Archives and Records Administration is looking at an overall 2020 budget cut from its 2019 appropriation, but the agency is getting $22 million in new, no-year money to support a goal of ending paper records accessions by 2022. The money is targeted toward improvements in NARA's College Park, Md., facility to support electronic records transfer, according to suggested appropriations language included in the agency's 2020 budget justification.