Another Federal CIO Leaves. Here's Who Remains.

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Many CFO Act federal agencies are still being lead by acting chief information officers.

Editor's Note: This was last updated Nov. 17.

The Office of Personnel Management’s chief information officer is stepping down after about a year on the job, an agency spokesperson confirmed.

Dave DeVries, whose last day is in early September, joined OPM from the Pentagon where he was principal deputy chief information officer. 

The news comes shortly after President Donald Trump’s pick for Homeland Security Department’s CIO Richard Starapoli stepped down after about three months on the job. A DHS official confirmed to Nextgov that Starapoli’s resignation takes effect Sept. 1 and Deputy Chief Information Officer Stephen Rice will step in as acting CIO—one of many across agencies.

The White House also has yet to fill the federal CIO spot with a permanent appointee—Deputy Federal CIO Margie Graves is acting in that role—and some agencies have placed other top tech leaders in acting roles until permanent replacements are found.

Vacant Position

Defense Department: John Zangardi, formerly the Pentagon’s principal deputy CIO, took over March 1 from Terry Halvorsen. However, Trump picked him as Homeland Security CIO on Oct. 26.

Acting CIOs

Agriculture Department: Gary Washington has been acting CIO since September. Washington is also the CIO for the department’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service and has also served in technology roles in the Electronic Government Office in the Executive Office of the President and the Food and Drug Administration, according to his agency biography.

Commerce Department: Rod Turk took over as acting chief information officer after political appointee Steven Cooper left the position January 2017.

Veterans Affairs Department: Scott Blackburn in October stepped in as acting CIO and executive in charge of VA’s Office of Information and Technology. He replaced Rob Thomas announced his retirement at the end of September.

Environmental Protection Agency: Steven Fine is taking on the role Ann Dunkin left when she took on that position for the County of Santa Clara, the agency confirmed.

National Science Foundation: lists Dorothy Aronson in that spot. She is also acting director of the Division of Information Systems within NSF’s Office of Information and Resource Management, an agency spokesman confirmed to Nextgov. 

Department of Navy: Dr. Kelly Fletcher took over as acting CIO after Rob Fletcher stepped down Aug. 19, a spokesperson confirmed to Nextgov. Fletcher previously served as the Navy’s principal deputy CIO.

Permanent CIOs

Education Department: Jason Gray took over the CIO spot in May after previously serving as associate CIO at the Transportation Department, a spokesperson confirmed to Nextgov.

Energy Department: Max Everett was appointed CIO in July 2017.

Health and Human Services Department: Beth Killoran is CIO, a spokesperson confirmed.

Homeland Security Department: Trump appointed John Zangardi for the permanent Homeland Security role in October. Zangardi has been serving as acting Defense CIO since Terry Halvorsen left in March.

Housing and Urban Development: Johnson Joy was named to that spot in June, a spokesperson confirmed to Nextgov.

Interior Department: Sylvia Burns has been Interior’s CIO since August 2014.

Justice Department: Joseph Klimavicz, formerly DOJ’s deputy assistant attorney general, has served as CIO since 2014.

Labor Department: Gundeep Ahluwalia joined Labor in 2016 as deputy CIO and as CIO since October 2016.

State Department: Frontis Wiggins’s appointment to that post started in July 2016.

Transportation Department: Vicki Hildebrand, a long-time Hewlett Packard employee, started as permanent CIO in October, a spokesperson confirmed to Nextgov.

Treasury Department: Eric Olson, formerly deputy CIO, stepped in as acting CIO in July but is now permanent CIO, a spokesperson confirmed to Nextgov.

NASA: Renee Wynn served as deputy CIO for roughly two months before replacing Larry Sweet as CIO in September 2015. Prior to joining NASA in July 2015, Wynn worked the Environmental Protection Agency for 25 years.

U.S. Agency for International Development: Jay Mahanand has served in that role since 2014, a spokesperson confirmed.

General Services Administration: David Shive is the permanent CIO for the General Services Administration. For several months in 2016, Shive was also the acting commissioner of the Technology Transformation Service prior to the arrival of Rob Cook.

Office of Personnel Management: David Garcia, formerly the chief information officer for the state of Maryland, became the permanent CIO Oct. 2, replacing David DeVries, who left to become Michigan’s CIO in September.

Nuclear Regulatory Commission: David Nelson has served in this role for about a year, an agency spokesperson confirmed.

Small Business Administration: Maria Roat took that position in Oct. 2016, having formerly served as the Transportation Department’s chief technology officer.

Social Security Administration: Rajive Mathur assumed the position in June and also serves as deputy commissioner for systems.

Air Force: Maj. Gen. Bradford Shwedo took over as CIO after Lt. Gen. Bill Bender retired on Aug. 1, a spokesperson confirmed to Nextgov. Swedo previously served as the commander of the 25th Air Force, the service’s intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance wing that also supports cryptographic activities.

Army: Lt. Gen. Bruce Crawford was confirmed to the top tech spot in early August, a spokesperson confirmed to Nextgov. Crawford replaced of deputy CIO Gary Wang, who served in the interim after Lt. Gen. Robert Ferrell’s retirement.

Marine Corps: Brig. Gen. Dennis Crall has served as CIO since July 2015, a spokesperson told Nextgov. In addition to serving as CIO, he also serves as the director of command, control, communications and computers, the branch’s IT department.

Jack Corrigan and Frank Konkel contributed to this article.