U.S. Digital Services Co-Founder Leaves White House

Haley Van Dyck

Haley Van Dyck Flickr user nrkbeta

Haley Van Dyck re-joined government in March.

An Obama-era tech leader who stayed on under President Donald Trump is leaving the White House, Politico reports

Haley Van Dyck, who co-founded the U.S. Digital Service, a technology troubleshooting team focusing on high-impact federal projects, had re-joined the federal government in March after leaving the White House toward the end of Obama's term. Van Dyck had also served as USDS' deputy administrator. 

Mikey Dickerson, USDS' first administrator and a political appointee, left government when Obama's term ended. 

Matt Cutts, the Google exec who previously led the Pentagon's version of the Digital Service under Obama and then-Defense Secretary Ash Carter, has been heading up USDS since Trump took office. 

"Haley had a specific goal of assisting USDS through the administration transition and left when she felt that was completed to the best of her abilities," Cutts said in a statement given to Politico.