The Rise of the Chief Data Officer

Agencies across government are expanding their C-suites with a new kind of technology expert: the Chief Data Officer. Charged with helping agencies derive new insights from existing – and expanding – data sets, CDOs are primed to play a major role in the future of government technology.

As Chief Data Officers work to define their new roles, they will face a suite of opportunities and challenges that will shape their day-to-day efforts – and ultimately define their success. And in this new Open Data environment, CDOs will need to balance transforming and opening their data to the American taxpayer with ensuring the data is meaningful and empowers data-driven decisions.

Watch this rebroadcast to learn about:

  • Narrowing down the role CDOs are playing in agencies today, the scope of their efforts, and the risks they encounter
  • The hurdles and opportunities CDOs are facing – and how they will define success at the end of the year.
  • How agencies are changing the way they handle multiple data sets
  • The challenges in maintaining data quality in an Open Data environment.

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