DISA Plans to Cut Redundant Tech in 2015-2020


In its strategic plan, DISA states its intent to take advantage of commercially available cloud technology, among other efforts.

The Defense Information Systems Agency on Tuesday released its updated strategic framework, generally outlining plans to consolidate networks and eliminate duplicative technology.

The Pentagon's information systems arm plans to cut technology costs by eliminating redundancies, according to its five-year strategic plan

In its 2015-2020 road map, DISA stated its general intent to take advantage of commercially available cloud technology, and to promote mobile technology within DOD so "all personnel have the freedom of action to securely work in any location, over any device, across any network."

DISA also plans to integrate multiple encrypted network enclaves into a single transport network. 

Over the next several months, DISA said it plans to develop the Joint Force Headquarters DOD Information Networks, meant to link DISA with the U.S. Cyber Command, and to deploy "Joint Regional Security Stacks," in partnership with parts of the military, to centrally perform intrusion detection, routing and other security tasks. 

DISA also reaffirms its commitment to the Joint Information Environment, a broader effort to consolidate and standardize DOD networks, thereby "providing a secure information framework from which our national senior leaders and joint force commanders, command and control forces that deliver responsive, decisive actions from any device; anytime anywhere," the plan says.

(Image via winui/ Shutterstock.com)