What Do Americans Hate More: Their Internet Providers or Their Government?

Gil C/Shutterstock.com

Customer satisfaction with the federal government is declining, according to a new survey.

No big surprise here: According to a recent American Customer Satisfaction Index Survey, Americans aren't happy with their government. On a scale of 100, citizen satisfaction with government services is at 64.4, down for the third consecutive year. Compared with the private sector, this rating is very low. "Only Internet service providers have a lower score," the report reads. Ouch

The survey of 1,772 found that, in particular, ratings of "courteousness and professionalism of agency staff" have declined the most. According to ACSI, it's possible the decline may have to do with the reduction in the number of workers in the federal government. The types of services included in the survey are, for example, pension benefits, Medicare and Medicaid, tax filing with the IRS, and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. The Treasury Department, which houses the IRS, ranks among the lowest government departments in terms of customer satisfaction. The Defense Department ranks the highest.

There are some bright spots in the survey. ACSI finds that the National Recreation Reservation Service has great customer service. People are also happy with the FAFSA call center.

But for the most part, interaction with the federal government will continue to be unavoidable and mildly unpleasant for many, many Americans. 

(Image via Gil C/Shutterstock.com)