RIP, Social Media Managers -- Tweeting Is Everyone’s Job Now


Don't worry. Your skills are still valuable.

Social media managers, it could be time to find a new title. Many employers are homing in on other terms—but don’t worry, your skills are still valuable.

Overall, jobs with social media in the title grew by 50 percent over the last year, a much slower rate than in the recent past. Meanwhile, jobs that mention social media in the description but not the title gained 89 percent, according to Indeed, the big jobs site. The data covers jobs listed from end of August 2012 to end of August 2013.
In the previous year, social media jobs grew twice as fast—by more than 100 percent. Indeed says that the genre is less seen as a separate entity within an organization and becoming more specific, and sprinkled within many departments.
Job seekers who search beyond the social media title will find 13 times as many jobs that include work connecting and sharing via the growing array of social media outlets, Indeed says. Positions with photo sharing app Instagram in the title gained 644 percent and those involving Vine grew at 154 percent, according to Indeed.

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