Video Blogger Grills Obama on Transparency


Leaked guidelines on drone strikes prompt tough questioning on Google hangout.

A video blogger named Kira Davis, a stay-at-home mom in Orange County, California, impressed me Thursday in a Google Plus interview with President Obama by respectfully posing a tougher question than award-winning broadcaster Steve Kroft has ever managed on 60 Minutes .

"You ran on a platform of really trying to become one of the most transparent administrations in American history," she said. "However, with recent leaked guidelines regarding drone strikes on American citizens and Benghazi and closed door hearings on the budget and deficit, it just feels a lot less transparent than I think we all hoped it would be. How has the reality of the presidency changed that promise? And what can we do moving forward to kind of get back to that promise?"

(It's at the 35 minute mark.)

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