Data doesn't belong to the Democrats

lev radin/

Though the left used data successfully in the 2012 elections, just wait for 2016.

One of the leading narratives of the 2012 campaign is that data trumped all. Nate SilverThe polling was dead onThe blowhard pundits were wrongThe Obama campaign's Internet money machine got people to give lots of money over the summer with George Clooney-dinner enticements tailor made for West Coast females aged 40 to 49

But there's a problem with the celebration: it's not as if the Romney camp did not try to use data. Let's not forget that American business, whence Romney came, has been onto the old 'big data' thing since evenbefore Walmart figured out you like Pop Tarts before a hurricane. In fact, the Washington Examiner reports, they created a software package called 'Orca' that was supposed to be the biggest data gathering and interpretation effort in modern American politics.