Soundbytes: Scammers, Conglomerates and Email Etiquette

A weekly roundup of comments from All comments are presented in their original, unedited form.

A weekly roundup of comments from All comments are presented in their original, unedited form.

On Craigslist creator tries to bring transparency initiative out of the shadows

Now Craigslist is prowled by Nigerian scammers. I know it is free, but it isn't worth it anymore. From Skippy

Why is Mr. Newmark wanting transparency in government when the website that carries his name is not transparent in how it uses the money it gets from prostitution and human trafficking ads? From Trench Reynolds

On GAO sting shows passport fraud remains a problem

Have you heard of illegals going back to their country, then saying they "lost:" their passport, get another one reissued and come right back to the US again with no problem? From Georgettaloras

On DOD Blocks Access To Contractor Data, Again

Double Standards seem to be more prevalent with this administration than any other. Its pride of transparency is self ordained. From Mike66

are they afraid that we the people might learn something about where the taxpayers monies are really going and for what? Its as if these international conglomerates have become so powerful that our very govt acquiesces to their every beck and call. Read more from Linda Joy Adams

On Bye Bye NII?

If they were serious about saving money, they would eliminate the DOD Business Transformation Agency. Each military department has their own business transformation activity, and the DOD BTA doesn't coordinate or even know what they do. And nobody in DOD even knows what the BTA is or does. At least, it would be a start! From RMH

On The Email Guessing Game

In my line of work, if your email address (or even phone number) gets out to the public, you get bombarded with emails and calls that make it difficult to keep up with your assigned work. Read more from Texas Fed

Don't whine about how hard it is to do your job; understand how hard it is for people on the outside to be heard by your agency. Read more from AZ Fed

SPAM filters do screen 70-90% of the crap, but if you can spell my name, you can figure my business email-- it's How easy is that? Read more from Paul Dieterle

So pick up the phone. If you don't know someone's e-mail address, then you probably don't need to contact him or her directly. Read more from Alabama Fed

On TSA says all cargo on domestic flights now screened

Let me get this straight, inbound cargo isn't being screened, but outbound is??? Am I missing something? From Gabriel

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