Soundbytes: Golf, Management and Pandora's Box

A weekly roundup of comments from All comments are presented in their original, unedited form.

A weekly roundup of comments from All comments are presented in their original, unedited form.

On Government's Big Recruiting Problem

If you have a manager that is incompetent, move them to another position, they are just bringing the group down. Don't leave them in the position until they retire in 3-5 years just because it is easier, by leaving them in the position they are teaching others that their attitude is the right way and it will just keep the cycle going. Read more from Whatever

Removing managers is very difficult because by doing this you are admitting you made a mistake in promoting this individual. We all know "senior" management is infallible. Read more from Jimmac

Why is this a surprise? I'm a boomer and my management also rolls its eyes at any ideas they didn't come up with first. Management, not employees, is the problem in the federal government, and nobody wants to address the problem. Read more from LongTime Fed

On Officials defend meaningful use standards as a work in progress

"We're going along with ways we can modify to reflect real-life experiences we hit once the program begins." - Tony Trenkle, director of the Office of E-Health Standards and Services at CMS.

What he means is, "We're making capricious rules up as we go." From darrelldk

On Air Force Tees Up Golf Course Software

The Air Force should not spend any apppropriated dollars on the golf courses including payroll, or dollars to maintain the facilities including calling for an appropriated fund plumber to clear a clogged drain. Read more from Pat Collins

On Union, GSA at odds over personal use of social networking sites

This is a pandora's box and reflects the worst elements of our society - an effort to seek to restrict open communication and create fear of reprisal for honest dissent. Read more from VA IT Employee

Are any GSA employees who are not performing union roles actually complaining? Or is this just another reason for NFFE to stall the regular collective bargaining talks that are ongoing From GSA Employee

Sounds to me like GSA is trying to do the right thing. I dont understand what the intentions of the union actually is. Maybe "Paid"ock shouldn't be representing this union. What are they so paranoid about? From Bab1002

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