Original VA Blogger Joins Nonprofit

The Mission Continues.

Alex Horton to run communications shop for veterans group.

Correction: The Mission Continues is headquartered in St. Louis not Washington, as originally reported.

Alex Horton, an Army Iraq veteran and one of the original members of the blogging crew at the Department of Veterans Affairs, has joined The Mission Continues, a nonprofit that engages veterans in community-based project that tap into their skills and expertise. 

Horton graduated from Georgetown University in May.

Horton said in an email he will serve as communications and branding manager for the St. Louis-based outfit in a new Washington, D.C., office. “My immediate responsibilities relate to growth, building partnerships and getting the word out about our programs," he said. 

I hope he drops the branding moniker, a word that grates on my brain unless it refers to cowboys and cattle.