Vets -- Take the American Legion PTSD/TBI Survey

Jae C. Hong/AP File Photo

Voluntary survey asks about care and treatment.

The American Legion is encouraging veterans with traumatic brain injury or post-traumatic stress disorder to participate in its online survey this month. 

The Legion said it is conducting the voluntary survey to gather information about the care and treatment received for the two conditions, including veterans’ experiences with complementary and alternative treatments.

The Legion “is very concerned by the unprecedented number of veterans who suffer from these two conditions,” said William Detweiler, chairman of the Legion’s permanent committee on TBI and PTSD. “We advocate the adoption of all effective treatments and cures, including alternatives being used in the private sector.”

The long wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have resulted in equally long recovery from the mental wounds of those wars, as Army veteran Kayla Williams recounts in her powerful new book, which I reviewed in our news pages today.

Click here to take the survey.