I’m Very PTSD Aware

Some practical tips for PTSD Awareness Month, based on experience.

Both the Army and the VA want us all to be aware that this is PTSD Awareness month and do something about it.

The imp in me would like to raise awareness by doing my best semi-deranged Vietnam veteran bit, but I don’t have much of that left anymore, so here are some practical tips based on experience, before the month ends:

  • The Jack Daniels Cure does not work;
  • Talk to someone;
  • The Budweiser Cure does not work;
  • Talk to another vet;
  • The Marijuana Cure does not work;
  • Talk to a mental health professional;
  • The Xanax Cure does not work;
  • Adopt a puppy (preferably a shelter dog);
  • Remember, we are only as sick as our secrets.