Marine Corps intel does not play well with others

Survey shows uniformed and civilian personnel aren't very happy with their jobs, compared to their counterparts elsewhere.

That’s the conclusion of a November 2012 FOUO survey of the Marine Corps intelligence community that came my way.

Roughly 50 percent of the 1,601 military and 206 civilian Marine Corps intel folks who responded to the survey said the service lagged behind the rest of the intelligence community when it comes to collaboration and information sharing. (About 16 percent of military and 76 percent of civilian Marine Corps intelligence community employees participated in the survey)

The Marines also scored low on job satisfaction, with only 49.9 percent satisfied in key areas, such as their involvement in decisions that affect their work and their ability to land a better job in the intelligence organization.

I know I’m going to get complaints about running an item slapped with the For Official Use Only label, but such designations are meaningless once things make their way to the open Internet, as this survey did.