The VA mobile gadget management contract mystery

A tech company without a Web page.

Veterans Affairs Department spokeswoman Jo Schuda told me yesterday that Firstview Federal Technology Solutions LLC was awarded a $4.4 million mobile device management contract by the department.

Though small in its initial value, this is a big deal: The mobile software could eventually end up managing all VA gadgets, even BYODs, and shut off offending personal gizmos, according to VA Chief Information Officer Roger Baker.

My attempts today to find out more about Firstview's software plans have so far led to dead ends.

Even though Firstview, a service-disabled veteran-owned small business, has a place on the VA’s Transformation Twenty-One Total Technology (T4) umbrella IT contract, I could not find a website for the company.

Corporation Wiki gave me a phone number for the company and links to a related outfit called Longview International Technology (a Web search for Firstview pops up results for Longview).

I left messages at both companies -- no way to get hold of a real, live human being at either -- and have yet to hear back.

Firstview and/or Longview: Please call; You have my number.

Or maybe Baker can educate me on exactly what Firstview/Longview is doing for VA.