Stuck in Twitter coach class

Does the social media tool favor the hip?

During and about an hour after the debate this Tuesday I tried to use Twitter, without much success.

I had to reload the site many times before I managed to get in, only to be greeted by a clunky, DOS-like interface, which after a few tries did lead me to the main Twitter page.  I attribute these problems to not enough bandwidth to handle the debate traffic.

Once there, I was able to compose a Tweet, but not send it, as the “Tweet” button on my page was nowhere in sight,  though it did re-appear the next morning.

While trying to use Twitter, I noticed post-debate news stories based on Tweets from the hip and famous, which leads me to conclude that Twitter has a class system that pushes the hip to the front of clogged message queue and locks out ordinary Joes.

Anyone else have this experience?