Last June, then-Secretary of Defense Robert Gates the closure of JFCOM as part of a five year plan to save $100 billion in five years.

The Joint Forces Command will close this Thursday, with bits and pieces transferred to the Joint Staff, and some jobs staying in Virginia, a sop to that state's Congress-folks.

Here's the parts of JFCOM folded into the Joint Staff:

  • The Joint Personnel Recovery Agency, which oversees recovery of downed flyers will continue to do business from Ft. Belvoir.
  • The Operations, Planning, Logistics and Engineering Directorate will come under the J3/J4 umbrella and remain in Norfolk.
  • The Joint Warfighting Center, Joint Center for Operational Analysis and the Joint Concept Development and Experimentation Directorate all will work for the J7, and personnel will continue hanging out in Suffolk, Va.
  • The Joint Intelligence Directorate will operate under the Joint Staff J2, with no location for personnel identified by JFCOM.

Too bad he's not around to help manage additional cuts that may result from ongoing debt reduction hassle.