Homeland Security to Unveil 12 New Tools at Cyber Conference

Mark J. Terrill/AP File Photo

The tools tackle malware attacks, internet visualization and social media analysis.

The Homeland Security Department’s science and technology division will be showing off a dozen new cyber tools developed with DHS funds at next week's RSA cybersecurity conference in San Francisco.

The tools range from helping organizations join forces against malware attacks to offering secure connections to Bluetooth devices.

The division described the tools as “mature cybersecurity technology solutions ready for pilot deployment and commercialization.”

Here’s a rundown, provided by DHS:

AS-Rank: A tool that ranks autonomous systems and organizations in support of internet security, stability, situational awareness and resilience.

CHARIOT: A tool that filters open-source social media to eliminate topics irrelevant to cybersecurity analysts.

CodeDNA: A scalable, shareable technology that facilitates community-based defense against malware attacks.

DDNR: A set of machine-learning algorithms designed to detect system patterns that deviate from normal operation and to respond appropriately.

ImmuneSoft: A hybrid static and runtime approach to detecting and healing vulnerabilities in embedded systems.

Internet Atlas: A geographic representation of the physical internet, including nodes, conduits/links and relevant metadata.

QUASAR: A threat intelligence and decision support platform that provides cyber defense planners visualization and quantitative analytics to determine the security impact of deploying defenses.

REDUCE: A toolset that allows cybersecurity analysts to rapidly discover relationships between malware samples, extract temporal threat intelligence and develop actionable signatures for known and emerging threats.

REnigma: A tool that reverse-engineers malware.

SilentAlarm: An inference-based technology for detecting abnormal network traffic that depends on dynamic network behavior knowledge.

Virtual Mobile Infrastructure: A secure platform that provides no data at rest on mobile devices, enabling secure access from any device to applications and enterprise data running in a data center or cloud environment.

ZeroPoint: A platform that provides highly effective, high-throughput, next-generation detection and diagnostics of exploit payloads embedded in documents distributed via email and the web.