Report: Stolen NSA Documents Include Hacking Tools Shadow Brokers Have For Sale

The amount of data eclipses what Edward Snowden took in 2013.

The classified data former National Security Agency contractor Harold Martin III had included the hacking tools the Shadow Brokers group is selling online, according to a New York Times report.

The Justice Department publicly accused Martin of stealing classified information Oct. 5. The Times reports the amount of information Martin possessed in his home, sheds and vehicles add up to “many terabytes,” eclipsing the amount of data former NSA contractor Edward Snowden leaked in 2013. That collection includes the computer code the Shadow Brokers recently complained no one was buying.

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Investigators have yet to find a link between Martin and the group, the report said.

The leak continues to concern U.S. officials, such as Sent. Jon Tester, D.-Mont., who asked NSA chief Adm. Michael Rogers why the agency’s security clearance program didn’t catch another insider threat.

Martin’s motives aren’t clear yet. So far, he has been accused of stealing data but not distributing it, and possibly took the data for personal use for his Ph.D. research.