Sports Clinic Owner Alleges MLB Hacked His Social Media Presence

Healthcare and Public Health // Florida, United States

DNA Sports Labs, a training and sports science lab in Florida, relied on social media, including YouTube and Facebook for advertising, and depended on PayPal for sales transactions.

The lab’s owner Neiman Nix now alleges in a lawsuit filed in federal court on July 14 that Major League Baseball attacked him online over a belief that he was “selling illegal substances to MLB players” and, in so doing, ruined his business.

According to the Miami New Times, a computer expert that Nix hired traced attacks on his YouTube page and his Facebook page to an IP address in New York "where MLB is located," Nix’s suit states. 

Nix also claims that Neil Boland — currently the league’s vice president of information security — personally directed the hack attack. 

MLB released a statement saying, in part, that “the allegations in this lawsuit, including the allegations relating to the hacking of DNA Sport Lab’s social media accounts, to be sanctionable under New York law.”