Hackers Break into Old Dominion University’s Independent Student Newspaper

Media // United States

The newspaper, Mace & Crown, was defaced by a self-proclaimed Muslim group. For about a day, the newspaper’s website was replaced by a red emblem and a message in red and gray text atop a black background. The text claimed the website was hacked by a group calling itself “El Moujahidin Team.”

The message stated the group would continue hacking websites to draw attention to “the message of our Palestine and all Arabs.” It also stated, “We Dont Accept Killing Muslims Evry Where, Stop Killing US.”

The text used the hashtag “#Free Hamza BendelladJ” to reference an Algerian national extradited to the U.S. in 2013 for federal cybercrime charges.

Beneath the message were links to the group’s Facebook and Twitter pages. A tweet posted by the group last week stated, “El Moujahidin with ISIS.”

Similar incidents played out on Isle of Wight County’s website in January and Greenbrier Christian Academy’s website in March. Colonial Williamsburg’s website was also hacked in March, by a self-purported pro-ISIS group.

Editor-in-Chief Sean Davis said the paper worked with hosting provider, Godaddy, and the university to regain control of the website.