Ontario Government Website Tells Visitors: ‘U Can’t Touch This’

Government (Foreign) // Ontario, Canada

A third party company that provides domain routing services for the province was hacked on Friday, resulting in Ontario.ca users landing on a rogue page.

The site had been replaced with a black screen and a photo of a young boy urging viewers — in explicit language — to follow an account on Twitter. The page “also featured the MC Hammer video ‘U Can’t Touch This.’ The hacker confidently writes that he is ‘#unarrestable,’” the Toronto Star reports.

The boy pictured apparent is not the hacker, but a target of the hacker’s bullying.

The boy, who is 15, told CBC News the photo that appeared on the site is from when he was eight years old. The Twitter account also is his.

No personal information or any government data was compromised, Ontario officials said.