Former Hospital Contractor Nicks Equipment Worth $100,000 Allegedly to Afford Pill Addiction

Healthcare and Public Health // Washington , United States

Franciscan Health Systems in Tacoma, Wash. does not know how the information technology worker held on to a functional security pass for months after he was done at the company.

No patient information was compromised, even though the suspect, Justin Pace, allegedly stole 35 computers and 34 scanners.

“Court documents indicate Pace attempted to sell the hardware to help pay for an expensive pill addiction,” KIRO TV reports.

He is accused of taking $100,000 worth of IT equipment from three Franciscan facilities, including St. Joseph’s Hospital.

Tacoma police said Pace broke into the hospital 6 times, an administrative office 24 times, and an education and support facility eight times.

A man identifying himself as the suspect’s grandfather said Pace was feeling sorry, but did not want to comment.