Islamic State Breaks through Rugby Website’s Defenses


Over the weekend, the website of the Keighley Cougars, a West Yorkshire team, displayed images of fighter jets and injured bloody people, accompanied by a message that read: "warplanes of making America.”

According to the Telegraph, the site at one point read, “I love you ISIS.”

Counterterrorism police are investigating the cyber assault, purportedly undertaken by “Team System DZ,” an extremist hacking group.

“On social media, one person claimed a host server had been hacked, leading to 60 other websites featuring the same page,” Keighley News reports.

Another social media user questioned whether banking details of season ticketholders might have been compromised.  

The rugby club's website was fixed by Monday morning, the Register reports.

Web page defacements “are often the online equivalent of pulling down a poster put up by an organisation and putting up something created by attackers who aren't skilled enough to do anything else. Exploitation generally involves scouring the 'net looking for sites with unpatched weaknesses or misconfigurations using automated tools, before using hacker tools developed by others to push defacements,” according to the Register.