Hackers Hack Back China, Aim for Gizmodo Gadget Lovers and Hijack the Internet

Duc Dao/Shutterstock.com

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Just another week in ThreatWatch, our regularly updated index of noteworthy data breaches.

In case you missed our coverage this week in ThreatWatchNextgov’s regularly updated index of cyber breaches:

Activists broadcast anti-Communist messages on Chinese TV

Residents in Wenzhou, a city in eastern Zhejiang province, had their normal television programming interrupted the night of Aug. 1 -- possibly by hacktivists who operate when TV supervisors aren’t looking.

Chinese hackers game the gaming industry

Cybercriminals have stolen source code to gut games so they can be used for free; to create cheating mechanisms; and to develop competing content.

Gizmodo Brazil was poisoned to infect techies visiting the site

Attackers modified the publication’s homepage by adding computer commands that redirected users to a different compromised site hosted in Sweden.

Bitcoin hacker who directed ISPs to do his bidding banked $83,000

No less than 19 Internet service providers unwittingly contributed to the mining of digital currency, after a thief used a technique called BGP hijacking to redirect traffic, including data from the networks of Amazon.

(Image via Duc Dao/Shutterstock.com)