Hackers Target Nuke Data; Change Grades, Steal Mom's Identity

One hacker worked aboard the U.S.S. Harry S. Truman

One hacker worked aboard the U.S.S. Harry S. Truman United States Navy file photo

Just another week in ThreatWatch, our regularly updated index of noteworthy data breaches.

In case you missed our coverage this week in ThreatWatchNextgov’s regularly updated index of cyber breaches:

Navy systems administrator went on hacking spree at sea

A gang of hackers that included a service member on a nuclear aircraft carrier breached the Pentagon’s National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, the biometric Transportation Worker Identification System at the Homeland Security Department, and Los Alamos National Lab – but didn’t always get what it wanted.

Daughter of deceased potential ID theft victim livid over delayed notice

A Sault Ste. Marie woman is considering legal action after learning in April that her mother’s files were accessed by an unauthorized hospital employee four years ago, in 2010, one full year after her mother passed away in 2009.

Miami high schooler sent to the slammer for fudging grades

The principal handed the 18-year-old over to police after the student confessed in writing to hacking into his school website to change his scores. Jose Bautista also allegedly altered the grades of four other students.

Infrastructure of ‘safe’ LocalBitcoins marketplace ruptured

A site that helps buyers and sellers of the virtual currency meet in person to complete transactions reported “a very dangerous attack” on its system, but claims all user data and money is still safe.

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