Half of All Malware Is Written in Chinese, but the Most Dangerous Is in Russian


Cybersecurity expert Eugene Kaspersky discusses the most dangerous malware authors, infections at a Russian nuclear power plant and the International Space Station.

Eugene Kaspersky, founder of the cyber security firm that bears his last name, gave a talk on criminal malware and infrastructure attacks to Australia’s National Press Club last week. During the talk, which you can watch here, Kaspersky said three things that made Quartz sit up and listen:

  • The International Space Station has been infected by viruses before, and they came from the USB devices of scientists.
  • A Russian nuclear power plant got infected by Stuxnet
  • More malware is written in Chinese than any other language, followed by Spanish or Portuguese, and then Russian.

The main danger is from the Russian criminals, because they are the most smart guys…Russian software engineers are the best, and Russian malware engineers are the best. They are the most dangerous. Well, I don’t want to say Russians. Russian-speaking...

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(Image via vagant/Shutterstock.com)