India computer scientists accused of leaking source code to rival

Technology // Hyderabad, India

Two software engineers from Bangalore allegedly sold patented software codes from technology vendor, MIC Technologies, to a local competitor, according to a report by The Economic Times.

That rival, GG Tronics, was touting a 'True Color Video' display board built on the patented technology. 

MIC’s intellectual property turned up on laptops, hard disks and CDs at Bangalore-based GG Tronics.

MIC's then-general manager B.V Ramana was found to have been in contact with GG Tronics while still employed with Hyderabad-based MIC, and had allegedly stolen the source codes.

“E-mail communications with details about the transfer of technology were also found on Ramana's account, said local police, which added he had contacted several other companies to peddle the stolen codes,” ZDNet reports.

Ramana and another former MIC employee, M.N.S Srinivas, were later arrested for the crime. 

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