General Dynamics Picked to Patch Network Attack System

Air Force expects to openly solicit logistics support in five years.

General Dynamics is rolling out upgrades and logistics support for a classified Air Force network attack system, federal databases indicate.

General Dynamics, the defense firm tapped for the contract from August 2012 to February 2013, is expected to continue servicing the system through the year’s end, as part of a follow-on to its original contract. The Air Force estimates that it will spend an additional $233,800 on patches, upgrades and fixes for the system, according to a justification and approval document.

The Air Force began seeking information on providers able to offer hardware and software maintenance on “network warfare operating systems” in 2010, documents indicate. Raytheon was among the firms that responded to the classified request for information targeting offerors in San Antonio, where the cyber-focused 24th Air Force is housed at Lackland Air Force Base.

The Air Force expects to launch a full and open source selection for the logistical support in five years, according to the document. The Air Force, for this effort, “plans to require more thorough computer software, system documentation, training materials and software transition plans.”  The Pentagon has become more open over the past year about its funding of offensive cyber capabilities, a move that could signal more transparency for firms looking to bid on contracts.