Sky News Arabia Twitter and Facebook accounts defaced by pro-Assad hackers


Sky News Arabia’s social media accounts were hacked by pro-regime Syrian activists. "A group referring to itself as the Syrian Electronic Army (Sea) took over the 24-hour news channel’s main Twitter accounts about midnight, along with its Facebook page." The hackers, who support the Syrian president Bashar Al Assad, had control of the sites for five and a half hours. They changed Sky News Arabia’s display picture and name on Twitter and posted messages. A Dubai media researcher the "army" is a group of pro-Assad students with technical skills who attack what they consider to be “anti-Assad” media organisations.Websites belonging to Al Arabiya, Al Jazeera and Harvard University have been targeted by them. . .“They would take a Twitter hashtag involving Syria and put up information so the real tweets would get lost in what’s called ‘white noise’, he said.