A Twitter Executive Banished Laptops From His Meeting, and the Reactions Were Excellent

Panumas Yanuthai/Shutterstock.com

No laptops leaves people free to focus on the matter at hand.

Anyone who’s led a meeting or given a presentation in the last decade has had the uneasy sensation of looking at a room of heads buried in laptops.

Are they taking notes? Shopping on Amazon? Slacking about how lame your presentation is? Who knows?

Apparently Twitter vice president Keith Coleman had enough and banished laptops from his meeting. Like sneakers outside a yoga studio, the laptops were exiled from the room, leaving their owners free to focus on the matters at hand, according to a tweet from Paul Stamatiou.

Reactions on Twitter covered the gamut. Some were enthusiastically supportive:

Because it’s Twitter, there was snark:

Coleman’s boss, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, was skeptical:

And as bosses tend to do, Dorsey thought Coleman had room for improvement: