Filmmaker Michael Moore Launches Site to Collect White House Secrets

Filmmaker Michael Moore

Filmmaker Michael Moore Evan Agostini/AP

Moore is encouraging administration insiders to share information privately with his team.

Filmmaker Michael Moore wants White House whistle-blowers to feel comfortable sharing information about President Donald Trump.

On Tuesday, the activist and documentarian unveiled a website with directions on contacting him using encrypted messaging services that could protect a source's anonymity.

Moore called upon “Patriotic Americans in government, law enforcement or the private sector” who know about “crimes, lies and general misconduct committed by Donald J. Trump and his associates” to “blow the whistle in the name of protecting the United States of America from tyranny.”

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The site is called TrumpiLeaks, a nod to the international WikiLeaks organization that publishes leaked documents and emails from often anonymous sources. Moore's site debuted as news broke that the Justice Department was charging a National Security Agency contractor, Reality Leigh Winner, for removing classified information from a government facility and mailing it to a news outlet. The announcement came shortly after The Intercept published documents showing Russian intelligence had attempted to hack local election officials in November. 

TrumpiLeaks accepts photos, videos and audio recordings. And though it notes "no form of digital communication is 100% secure,” Moore encouraged sources to contact him via Signal, Peerio and WhatsApp, all encrypted messaging apps, as well as PGP email encryption or postal mail.

He invited anyone not worried about anonymity to email him directly at