What Happens to Federal Employee Pay During a Shutdown?

Susan Walsh/AP

Find out how well you know how a shutdown affects your paycheck.

For federal employees, a government shutdown isn’t about not being able to visit a park, it creates uncertainty about their livelihood.

Will they get paychecks? When? Is health insurance still covering them? Though typically federal employees received back pay after being furloughed in previous shutdowns, there are no guarantees.

Our colleagues at Government Executive created a quiz about how a shutdown impacts federal employees’ pay and benefits. And yes, it has answers to clear up misconceptions.

Take the quiz here.

The threat of a government shutdown appears to be shrinking as the Friday funding deadline gets closer. President Donald Trump reportedly is backing off requested border wall funding in this spending bill but will resume discussions at a later date. Another hurdle is whether the government will continue paying Affordable Care Act cost-sharing subsidies.