OPM Helps Managers Visualize Personnel Data


Tool aims to help leaders boost employee engagement, OPM says.

Senior managers now have new tools to try to boost employee engagement, the Office of Management and Budget announced today.

The dashboard lets managers customize and visualize personnel data from the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey and from OPM’s Enterprise Human Resources Integration data. Users have access to data sets specific to their agencies, OPM Director Katherine Archuleta said in YouTube video.

Users can log in at www.UnlockTalent.gov, but the dashboard is not open to the public or most federal employees. Managers can decide whether to grant access to lower levels of their individual organization.

Currently, deputy secretaries for management, chief human capital officers and performance improvement officers have the tool, OPM said.

Here’s Archuleta’s video:  

(Image via faithie/Shutterstock.com)