Army Fields New Harbor Management System

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Maybe they can figure out how to include they Air Force’s navy.

That’s right, the land force also works by the water and has just fielded a nifty new system to manage harbor operations: The Harbormaster Command and Control Center was developed by the service’s program executive office for command control communications-tactical.

In an overseas operation, the Army may well have the need to manage ship-to-shore logistics and the gizmo-packed HCCC will help do the job.

HCCC consists of a rigid, HUMVEE-mounted shelter stuffed with military and maritime radios along with a separate satellite system for long-haul connectivity via the Army’s Warfighter Information Network-Tactical. The system also includes a radar antenna and video cameras mounted on a hydraulic mast.

The Army plans to equip seven Harbormaster Detachments with the system and has already fielded five. It will field test the system during an extensive Army, Navy and Marine training operation for a Joint Logistics Over-the-Shore, or JLOTS, exercise scheduled for mid-August at Fort Story, Va.

Maybe they can figure out how to include they Air Force’s navy in this exercise.