Government agency recruits via the source code of its web page


The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is trying a new method to lure in design and technology fellows.

See at .

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is looking for a few good technology and design fellows to help them out. Where might they find ideal candidates? Perhaps in the pool of people who go to their website AND want to see the code behind the page. So, they inserted an advertisement for their fellowship program into the source for the site. This is, effectively, a hidden ad targeted only at the kind of nerds who "view source." Very clever.*

The ad says:
Hey! If you're viewing this, you should probably come work with us as a CFPB Design + Technology Fellow. Applications are now open for visual design, UX, frontend, and backend development! We <3 Python, Wordpress, and Adobe CS but we're open to using any set of tools or languages to get great things done. After orientation in DC, you can work from anywhere. Applications are closing soon. 
Learn more and apply at:
Also, you can see more of our code at
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