Rising Star: Logan Metcalf

Logan Metcalf GSA Rising Star

Despite having just one year of federal IT service under his belt, Logan Metcalf became a key player in the General Services Administration's Assisted Acquisition Services as it moved its Federal Systems Integration and Management Center (FEDSIM) to a new system.

Metcalf took a leadership role throughout the year-long transition to a converged system called ASSIST 2.0, which will help GSA meets its modernization goals while reducing costs and streamlining compliance. Metcalf worked long hours to ensure that FEDSIM was prepared for the transition and was the central point of contact for all communications, training, testing, asset review and process management for the over 300 members of the FEDSIM community.

His team painstakingly mapped contract and financial information for active projects to ensure data integrity. Fortunately, Metcalf recognized systemic data migration errors and halted the scheduled release of ASSIST 2.0. Without his careful review, the system might have gone live with significant contract, financial and data errors. Instead, 315 active and pre-award contracts and over 550 unique interagency agreements worth a total of $30 billion were successfully migrated without major errors.