Last call for 2021 innovation nominations

July 15 is the deadline for Rising Star, Public Sector Innovation and Industry Innovator nominations.

Government Innovation Awards -

The deadline for 2021 Government Innovation Award nominations is fast approaching.  Don't miss this opportunity to spotlight outstanding government programs, industry partners and individual contributors;  be sure to complete your submissions by 11:59 p.m. ET on Thursday, July 15.

There are three award categories to consider:

  • Rising Stars. These are individual awards, recognizing early-career phenoms whose leadership, innovation and all-around extra effort are having a powerful and positive impact.
  • Industry Innovators. These awards recognize companies that are bringing innovative technology solutions to their government customers.
  • Public Sector Innovations. The centerpiece of the Government Innovation Awards program, this category honors transformative tech that is truly reinventing government at the federal, state or local level via a specific project or program. That potentially mission-critical impact can stem from a new technology itself or from the innovative ways established tech is being leveraged to make government function better.

So please be thinking about efforts across government that you believe are worthy of a Government Innovation Award, and get those nominations submitted today!