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Zoë Schlanger

Zoë Schlanger is a freelance reporter covering science, health, and the environment. Her work appears in Newsweek, the Village Voice, and the New York Times, among other places.
Digital Government

A New Analysis of 4-Year-Old Data Shows the EPA Is Ignoring a Lot of Toxins in US Drinking Water

PFOA, an ingredient in Teflon, is far more prevalent in American drinking water than previously thought.

Emerging Tech

For the First Time Ever, U.S. Is Getting 10% of its Electricity From Wind and Solar

Renewables—especially wind power—already make up significantly more than 10 perecent of the electricity in several states.


Hackers Downloaded US Government Climate Data and Stored it on European Servers as Trump Was Being Inaugurated

Many of the programmers who showed up at UCLA for the event had day jobs as IT consultants or data managers at startups.