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Space Tourism Companies Are Going to Write Their Own Safety Rules Because the US Government Can’t

The inaugural flights of these new ventures will be a leap into the unknown for the passengers.


SpaceX’s Leaked Finances Show Elon Musk Is Betting Big on Satellite Internet

The company hopes to generate enormous revenue by selling internet service from space.

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SpaceX Says it Figured Out Why its Rocket Exploded And Will Fly Again Within Days

In a statement, the space company said the problem had to do with special tanks inside the rocket’s engine.

CIO Briefing

First Voice Transmission from Space was Eisenhower Wishing Peace on Earth from a Nuclear Missile

The U.S. mission known as SCORE would transmit a human voice from orbit for the first time.

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Peter Thiel is Pushing Donald Trump to Use Private Space Companies at NASA

The move could prove vital in a battle over NASA’s priorities and multi-billion-dollar budget.

CIO Briefing

Biggest Names in Tech Are Meeting with Donald Trump. They Will Have Much to Discuss

The agenda has not been disclosed, but America’s tech chieftains have a lot to talk about with the incoming president.

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Hacked Emails Show Eric Schmidt Played Crucial Role in Team Hillary’s Election Tech

Schmidt leveraged his Silicon Valley acumen to generate a new source of influence.

IT Modernization

The Space Industry’s New Bet: Putting an 'App Store' in Orbit

“We want to change the way people interact with space systems, to make it into a software problem instead of a hardware problem."

CIO Briefing

The SpaceX of China Aims to Commercialize a Mysterious Rocket on the World Stage

Landspace, founded in 2015, says it will have its first commercial launch in 2017, an extraordinarily fast pace of development for an orbital rocket.

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Elon Musk’s Dream of Going to Mars Is SpaceX’s Biggest Strength, and its Biggest Distraction

SpaceX is a company built to go to Mars, but are those ambitions getting in the way of its ability to achieve them?

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NASA Is Launching a Mission to Visit an Asteroid and Maybe Save the World

The ambitious OSIRIS-REx mission promises to provide new information about our universe to the scientific community.

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SpaceX’s Lost Rocket Could Upset Global Merger and Delay America’s Human Spaceflight Plans

The fire that burst from the top stage of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket did more than melt aluminum and crack carbon fiber.