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Shirley Li

Emerging Tech

The Science Behind Human-Controlled Weather

Cloud seeding won't solve winter woes, and it probably won't promise clear skies for wedding days, either.

Digital Government

A Computer Can Probably Create as Many Special Snowflakes as Nature

Given enough time, enough storage, and enough information on how a snowflake's path affects its growth, the answer is... maybe.

Emerging Tech

New Space Mission: Leave a Time Capsule on the Moon

Lunar Mission One will launch in 2024—if enough backers fund the project on Kickstarter.

Emerging Tech

NASA Develops Biodegradable Drones

This biodegradable vehicle, developed to protect sensitive ecosystems, invited a closer look at the positive uses of drone technology.

Digital Government

What’s at the Root of Your Facebook Addiction? Numbers

The Facebook Demetricator shows we like liking a little too much.

Digital Government

Get Ready for a New Wave of Biometrics

A new Google study suggests there's hope for the once-futuristic technology that's gotten a bit... boring.


What if Police Body Cams Get Hacked?

This seemingly easy fix opens the gates to a flood of questions over the cameras' vulnerabilities.


Will Apple Pay Convince You to Leave Your Wallet at Home?

Apple Pay isn't the first service to command your credit cards. Here's how it stacks up against other wallet eradicators.


Apple Blames 'Targeted Attack,' Not iCloud, for Celebrity Photo Hack

The attack targeted specific user names, passwords and security questions.

Emerging Tech

Why People Don't Like to Talk About Government Surveillance on Social Media

In a recent survey only 42 percent of Facebook and Twitter users were willing to post about it.

Digital Government

The Pentagon Gave the Ferguson Police Department Military-Grade Weapons

The local community of Ferguson, Missouri, may not look like a war zone, but the Pentagon has helped the police treat it like one.

Emerging Tech

Ex-Officer Wants @CIA to Stop With the Jokes

Former Central Intelligence Agency officer and current national security analyst Bob Baer isn't keeping his distaste for the CIA's social media strategy confidential.


Security Firm Says Chinese Hackers Targeting U.S. Experts on Iraq

CrowdStrike says hacking began on June 18 —the day the rebel group Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant attacked an oil refinery.