CIO Briefing

Pentagon Casts Wider Net to Avert the Next Ebola Before It Arrives

New two-page EZ application is the first step to DARPA funding for biological technology.

CIO Briefing

Why Did This Federal Lab Pay 42 Different Prices for the Same Computer?

Energy Department has attempted to standardize equipment buys, but IT purchasing remains problematic.


An Outdoorsy Plea for Open Federal Campsite Data needs an API requirement, outdoorsy companies say.

Emerging Tech

Getting Health Info to Low-Income Cellphone Users

The digital divide is shrinking; useful apps aren’t keeping pace.

CIO Briefing

CDC Looks to Expand Ebola Screening at Major US Airports

The virus is also the target of the White House's latest Grand Challenge.

Emerging Tech

Peace Corps Sees Record Interest After Simplified Application Goes Online

Old application involved 60 printed pages and took as long as eight hours to complete.