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Olivia Goldhill

Emerging Tech

An Early Internet Pioneer Says the Construction of the Web is Crippling Our Thinking

Ted Nelson is not a programmer, and his vision for what the internet could be is still in the early stages of practical realization.

Emerging Tech

These New Solar Panels Can Create Electricity from Raindrops

This could prove to be a significant step toward creating solar cells that work even when the sun isn’t shining.

IT Modernization

Video: A Japanese Company Has Invented a Smartphone You Can Wash

Kyocera said it created the device, called Digno Rafre, by developing “better sealing” for the phone.

Emerging Tech

What Happens if a Driverless Car Has to Choose Between Killing Its Passenger or a Pedestrian?

Philosophers have been debating a similar moral conundrum for years, but now the discussion has a new practical application.

Emerging Tech

Robots Could Replace White Collar Workers, Too

No career is safe from the advances of artificial intelligence.