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Nick Wakeman
Nick Wakeman is the editor-in-chief of Washington Technology and joined the publication in 1996 as a staff writer. He's a graduate of Bridgewater College and earned a masters degree from American University. When he isn't writing about government contractors, he's thinking of cooking large pieces of meat over fire and dreaming of ways to embarrass his two sons. Follow him on Twitter: @nick_wakeman.
CXO Briefing

Deadlines Loom for Contractor TikTok Ban

By now, federal agencies must have TikTok completely out of IT systems. Contractors have some more time to stop using TikTok, but not that much.

CXO Briefing

Industry Voices Complaints Over Short Response Window for $60B VA Recompete

Contractors had only four business days to weigh in on the draft solicitation for the next version of the Veterans Affairs Department's T4NG IT solutions vehicle.

IT Modernization

Veterans Affairs Unveils Draft for $60B T4NG 2 Vehicle

But time is short: comments regarding the VA's go-to technology contract are due Friday.

Emerging Tech

More Protest Troubles Loom Over CIO-SP4

Debriefings are underway with companies who did not get through phase one of the competition for the $50 billion IT vehicle.

CXO Briefing

DARPA Kicks Off Prep for $1B Contract

Work is underway on the recompete of this technical services vehicle that supports research efforts.


Ashton Carter, Innovative DOD Secretary, Dies at 68

As secretary of defense during the Obama administration he pushed policies to modernize how DOD buys technology as well as opening the door to women and transgender people to serve in the military more fully.

Emerging Tech

Protests hit CACI's $5.7B Air Force win

Every other company that bid on the enterprise IT services contract wants at least a second chance at it.

Emerging Tech

Microsoft Challenges Intelligence Agency's $1B Task Order to Amazon

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency went down the sole-source route, which of course led to a protest.

Emerging Tech

SAIC Lands $319M Kessel Run Program to Improve Air Force C2 Systems

Falconer Air Operations Center Weapon System Sustainment contract lets SAIC leverage its cloud and command-and-control expertise and expand its footprint with the Air Force.

CXO Briefing

Justice Seeks to Stop Booz Allen's Everwatch Acquisition

The department's antitrust lawsuit says the transaction unfairly eliminates competition for providing signals intelligence modeling and simulation services to the National Security Agency.

CXO Briefing

Teresa Carlson returns to Microsoft

She rejoins the company nearly 12 years on from her last stint there.

Emerging Tech

DOD Plans Next Phase of JADC2 Satellite Layer

Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and York Space Systems will build 126 satellites under $1.8 billion in contracts to develop the network for tracking and responding to threats from missiles and hypersonic weapons.