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VW Has Been Ordered to Recall Almost Half-Million Cars Over Deceptive Algorithm

Volkswagen allegedly installed software designed to undermine emissions inspections in 482,000 diesel vehicles.

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Are Tech Companies Destroying Workers' Personal Lives?

In the wake of news about Amazon’s appalling work culture, some in the tech industry are fighting back.


Facebook Dumped a Harvard Intern After he Exposed a Privacy Flaw

Arun Khanna found out the hard way that Facebook doesn’t particularly appreciate it when potential employees reveal embarrassing privacy gaps.

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Advice for Job-Switchers and Newbies From Google’s Hiring Chief

Google HR chief Laszlo Bock discusses the extremely data-focused approach to hiring and management he has created at the search and tech giant.

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How Google Is Tackling the Science of How to Build Excellent Teams

Project Oxygen started out as an attempt by Google’s People and Innovation Lab to prove that managers don’t really matter. It ended up proving the opposite.

Emerging Tech

The Most Popular Programming Languages Are Rapidly Changing

Technology moves fast, particularly on the software side, as Stack Overflow’s annual survey of developers demonstrates.

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Where Top Tech Companies Recruit From

It’s a pretty tight labor market for tech talent, so there's a lot of poaching going on.

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Engineers and Computer Scientists Don’t Really Like Working From Home

Telework has raised the question of whether, despite the interruptions and agitations of office life, people who do collaborative work are better off working from one place.

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Developers, Want to Earn More Money? Learn Ruby on Rails

Though a language currently in high demand like Ruby might get you the best salary, it might not be the best way to make a career.

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In the Workplace of the Future, Say Farewell to Your Desk

More people are working remotely now, creating workstation vacancies that irk those paying the rent.

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The Complete Guide to Networking for Introverts

Extroverts, who tend to excel at building contacts outside their organization, shouldn’t be the only ones using the skill to earn more and advance in their careers.

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This Tech Giant Thinks Silicon Valley’s Diversity Problem is Overstated

He cites that demand for talent is so high, that any logical company will go anywhere to get it.

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For Coders, Tests Will Replace Resumes and Interviews

This company has built a platform where computer scientists attempt coding challenges and contests that measure them—in real time—for speed, accuracy, completeness and elegance of their work.


Watson, the IBM Supercomputer, Might Replace the Loudmouth in Your Business Meetings

IBM sees a future where computers figure into meetings, not only as tools but as active participants.